Makeup artist Andi Y.’s love affair with makeup started at an early age. As a young girl growing up in the heart of Atlanta, Georgia. Andi’s passion for beauty started as a child inspired by playing in her mother’s makeup kit and blossomed throughout her teenage years.  Experimenting in makeup throughout her adolescent, due to Vitaligo and skin pigmintation issuses,  Andi used the power of color and texture to positively change her outlook on life. Still experimenting with makeup to this day, Andi continues to push the aesthetic envelope with her creative application and knowledge of pigmentation and skin. From an early age, Andi realized there was one thread of commonality that bound all women together the fact that at the end of the day all women just want to feel pretty. Determined to showcase her talents on a national platform, Andi relocated to NewYork in her early 20’s to follow her dreams.  Andi Y. quickly became a force to be reckoned within the beauty world, first working at a makeup counter, then continuing with Condenast Publications, then to incorporating VH1, CNN, a host of celebrity/ political talent and more. Her attention to detail, pursuit for perfection, natural God-given talent—along with her charm, and dynamic personality—helped her become a true in-demand talent. Performing on the premise that makeup has the ability to paint the soul, Andi makes her clients look and feel beautiful.  From A-listers to the every day woman, Andi helps women celebrate their unique beauty. As a wife, mother of two, makeup artist, and entrepreneur, Andi aims to empower women with the the touch of her brushes.